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LiveDrop Launches Revolutionary 'Paperless Share' Technology at Hannover Messe


LiveDrop, a leading pioneer in secure offline data exchange technology, proudly announces the launch of LiveDrop Paperless Share at the Hannover Messe. This groundbreaking solution enables businesses to digitally share documents in an easy, affordable, fast, and above all, highly secure manner.

With LiveDrop Paperless Share, organizations only need to install a special LiveDrop printer driver to instantly generate a unique LiveDrop code. Instead of printing the file, recipients are shown a dynamicLiveDrop code containing all the data of the file to be shared. Recipients can scan this code with their phone to access the file. The code also works cross-platform - between Apple, Google, and Windows users, for example. This allows information to be shared offline, quickly and securely, and in compliance withGDPR, without storing or processing data.

"LiveDrop Paperless Share is not just a digital solution; it's a revolution in how we handle document sharing within organizations," says Patrick Moreu, CEO of LiveDrop. "By eliminating the need for paper, online connections, and the use of vulnerable digital systems, we take a big step forward in protecting business data and simplifying processes." Moreu adds, "Sharing data on paper and through online services increases practical risks and vulnerabilities for organizations, resulting in billions of dollars in damages worldwide, and in Europe alone, thousands of data breaches are reported each year."

This innovative technology takes place entirely offline, without using communication protocols such asBluetooth, WiFi, 5G, or NFC. Additionally, there is no digital handshake required between sender and recipient, making a transfer with LiveDrop Paperless Share more reliable and faster than, for example,Bluetooth, and there is also no risk of the sender receiving malware. With a current transmission speed of500kb/s, expected to increase to 1.0mb/s in the near future, LiveDrop enables sharing all types of files, sent directly from a Windows computer and received as a PDF file.

LiveDrop Paperless Share is currently being tested in practice, and the commercial product is expected to be available for everyone before summer. In addition to LiveDrop Paperless Share for Windows, the freeLiveDrop Offline Sharing app for iOS and Android users allows information to be shared between Windows and between iOS and Android.

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