Our LiveDrop technology

Flawless offline data transfer based on LiveDrop's patented data matrix video processing algorithms.

LiveDrop offers users the ability to communicate offline, without the constraints of conventional communication protocols. This includes intuitive unidirectional communication, where information is efficiently transferred without the need for a direct connection or recurring communication flow. This offline approach opens up new possibilities for situations where traditional connectivity is not possible or desirable.

LiveDrop code features

Our cutting-edge X-platform technology enables offline, secure, line-of-sight, unidirectional data transfer between devices with displays and cameras, effortlessly bridging connections without relying on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

LiveDrop works


Data transfer occurs solely through remote scanning of the encoded data matrix, ensuring maximum sender protection against malware, with the scanned LiveDrop code decoded back into its original format at the receiving end.

LiveDrop works


This cross-platform technology seamlessly facilitates data sharing across iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, ensuring smooth compatibility between diverse operating systems.

LiveDrop works


Its unidirectional operation transforms the technology into a mobile data diode, facilitating one-way information transfer from secure devices, networks, or segments to external devices and systems, effectively eradicating the threat of internal threat vectors within the secure network.

LiveDrop works

With existing hardware.

Operating seamlessly on systems and devices dating back to 2014, the technology's data transfer speed is directly influenced by the quality of the display and camera, with the potential for maximum transfer speed when specific hardware configurations can be selected.

How to LiveDrop your data


Select the file to send.


The data is shown encoded in a data matrix.


The data matrix is displayed to the receiver.



The data matrix is scanned.

The encoded data is being received.

The data is decoded back to the original.

Our technology

LiveDrop has pioneered an effortlessly implementable SDK, primed for seamless integration into both new and pre-existing applications.

Software Development Kit

An effortlessly integrated cross-platform SDK, featuring a range of callable functions, complemented by comprehensive documentation for seamless utilization.

LiveDrop in real life

LiveDrop groundbreaking technology spearheaded its application in healthcare, revolutionizing the sharing of medical data from hospitals to patients and fellow healthcare providers within the network. This patient-centric approach empowers individuals to control and selectively share their medical information with others, shaping the future of healthcare data management.

LiveDrop Care

Wound care

Wound Care Collective 's-Hertogenbosch (Collectief Wondzorg ‘s-Hertogenbosch) Medical data and images are seamlessly transmitted from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) through the Windows-based LiveDrop Flow application at Jeroen Bosch Hospital. Patients and healthcare providers external to the hospital leverage the iOS and Android LiveDrop Flow app, enabling them to securely exchange information. Healthcare professionals utilizing the mobile app like Vivent can efficiently import received data directly into their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.